10 Ways to Stay Relaxed and Party- Ready in Summer

Keep your calm in the chaotic season of summer outings and stay party-ready all the time.

Summer means a lot of things to a lot of people. It means hot and humid uncomfortable days for some and for some, it's the perfect time to indulge in fun activities like parties, get-togethers, trips and so much more. If you belong to the second category, then this season is a busy time for you. You must be super occupied with frequent parties, club night outs, impromptu road trips, and sudden hang-out plans.

Don't let your jam-packed schedule ruin your fun though. Back-to-back plans can take a toll on your health(both body and mind) in more ways than one. So it's paramount that you plan a proper self-care plan so you are fully prepared for what's to come. So what can you do to stay party-ready in summer?

  1. Do Regular Exercise:  

Between work commitments and frequent party invitations, it's tempting to skip your workout sessions sometimes. But it's important to understand that you need to exercise even more during these times. Parties and social gatherings mean indulging in lots of unhealthy snacks, desserts, and alcohol which lead to unwanted sudden weight gain. It's necessary to sweat out the extra calories with an effective workout routine. So set apart a time in your schedule to exercise regularly.

  1. Do Meditation: 

Season of regular parties, outings, and trips bring along a lot of chaos with it. The supposed feeling of joy and relaxation starts to fade and instead you end up feeling restless, overwhelmed, and anxious. So keeping your calm becomes challenging. That's why you should start doing meditation, even if it's for only a few minutes daily. Meditation works wonders in relaxing the mind, reducing stress, and insomnia, and increasing focus. It will help you get a grip over yourself and your surroundings.

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  1. Beware of a Cold: 

Staying out till late at night and consuming cold drinks and ice creams abundantly is a sure-shot way to catch a cold. So it's better to take precautions than to suffer through discomfort later. Boost your immunity with vitamin supplements and eat fruits regularly containing high citrus content. Drink lemon ginger turmeric tea every day to give yourself the ultimate boost to fight the cold, indigestion and other ailments.

  1. Maintain a Gift Shelf:

Another huge headache of parties is finding the perfect gifts to give to others. It's bothersome to hit gift shops every other day to find the appropriate present for someone. So make your life easier by curating a shelf with different kinds of interesting knick knacks suitable for presenting on different occasions. Keep a decent stock of small accessories, home decor items, and other interesting stuff, so you don't need to be worried about picking a gift out from the shop while going to attend an invitation.

  1. Remove Your Make-up:

Just like it's necessary to put makeup on before going to a party, it's also important to remove that makeup thoroughly before going to bed. No matter how late it is and how much your body is craving to hit the bed, make it a rule to always remove your makeup before going to bed. Retinol Facial Cleanser is perfect to remove makeup, excess oil, and other impurities trapped in skin cells. Then spray Lavender Water Sleep Spray on your pillow and get a better night's sleep.

  1. Take Frequent Baths:

It's a known fact that taking frequent baths is one of the best ways to relax on a hot, sweltering summer day. And that rings even more true after a long day wandering at the beach or dancing along with your friends in a club. So take a long, relaxing bath after long days of jumping around and having fun. Get the most out of it by putting the Pep Up Peppermint Bath Soak in your bathtub. Blend 1/4th cup in the water and enjoy the cooling properties of Peppermint essential oil. Get rid of stress, cramp, fatigue, and muscle stiffness in a jiffy with this decadent, fragrant bath salt blend, and help your skin stay hydrated. Head to bed straight after.

  1. Exfoliate Your Skin:

Frequent application of makeup products may lead to the accumulation of dead skin cells over the skin surface. So exfoliate your skin at least 2-3 times a week, especially during the party season. Use the Avocado Toast Sugar Scrub during the summer months which is rich with the goodness of avocado and lemongrass. Raw sugar cane granules clear off the dead skin cells and essential oils replenish the moisture balance of the skin.

  1. Pamper Your Skin with a Face Mask:


Face masks are not just for occasional use, but should be a part of your skincare regime all year around. But if you are someone not used to using face masks often, then at least you should make it a weekly routine during the holiday or outings season. This is because your skin demands more attention during these times. Take a look at this from Beauty Kitchen. 


Zen Your Skin Clay Mask

It is made with rich kaolin clay which helps detoxify your skin of all impurities and excess oil, preserving essential natural oils. Just hydrate your mask with yogurt, goat milk, or distilled water and apply it directly to your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and then remove it with lukewarm water and a soft towel.

  1. Take Care of the Frizzy Hair:

Organic Herbal Hair Butter

When your hair is subjected to 5 different hairstyles in 3 days and suffering from lots of harsh hair products to look good at parties, you need a proper hair care solution at hand. You don't want to end up with lots of hair fall, split ends, and an overall frizzy, tangled mess at the end of summer! We recommend Organic Herbal Hair Butter from Melanated Curls for your hair repair aid. It's a nutrient-packed hair butter perfect for repairing, smoothing, and moisturizing your hair. It also promotes hair elasticity and growth. Also, don't forget to use Moisture Shampoo and Deep Conditioner from Melanated Curls for the best results.


Moisture Shampoo

  1. Keep A Party-Stash Handy: 

Beauty Kitchen Under Eye Patches

Keep some of the most important makeup, skincare, and hair care items with you all the time in your purse or a small pouch. You don't know when a surprise hang-out plan can be knocking on your door. It's better to stay prepared all the time, so nothing can catch you off guard. Keeping eye-liner, lipstick, compact, cologne, and moisturizer with you can come in handy at times. 

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Hibiscus Raspberry Lip Tint

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