How and Why Hot Oil Treatments Can do Wonders for your Hair

The month of October is here which means summer is slowly retreating to give way to the colder and drier season of fall. And what does the change of season mean for your skin and hair? It means that the season of dry, irritating skin and frizzy, lackluster hair is here. Hot summer days are gone for this year and harsher weather is just around the corner. So before the adversity of our surroundings starts to take a toll on our hair, fortify yourself with nourishments that will protect and strengthen your hair. And how can you do that? Consider this - Hot Oil Hair Treatments!

7 Hand Free Exercises to stay Fit and Healthy

Massive digitization has made our life a lot easier as we can now do almost everything with just a few clicks on our devices. But as with everything else in the world, it has its negative impact as well. And one of them is, it has made people lazy(at least in terms of physical movement) and secluded. Most people and alarmingly young people spend most of their time in front of a screen, be it for professional needs or leisure. And after the pandemic made working from home a norm, things have gotten worse. People now stay cooped up in their homes almost all the time without much movement.

5 Easy and Effective Facial Exercises to Boost Healthy Looking Glowing Skin

It's a well known fact that physical exercise is crucial to maintain a healthy, toned and fit body. That's why people invest so much time, effort and money in visiting well-equipped gyms, joining yoga classes and recruiting personal trainers.

How to Stay Healthy on Your Next Trip

Trips, be it for personal or professional reasons, are always a rollercoaster of unusual yet thrilling experiences. As exciting as that can be, such drastic changes in your daily life can jeopardize your body's natural immune system and pose a threat to various health issues. You don't want a nasty fever or diarrhea to ruin your travel plans. So we are here to share some really handy tips to keep in mind while planning your next trip to ensure you stay as healthy as possible during and after the trip.

Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for Beginners Nowadays, most people live a really fast and hectic life. The constant pressure from both work and personal life can eventually take a toll on your mental health. That's why it's very important to take care of it as much as physical health and one of the best methods for that is to practice meditation. As with all other new things, the concept of meditation can be pretty daunting at first. But with proper guidance and a bit of patience, you can get into the habit of it and it’s quite easy and reaps a lot of benefits. So here, we will discuss how meditation helps to build a healthy state of mind and what are the things beginners should keep in mind while starting it.


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