12 Exciting Music Festivals in US You Should Definitely Attend This 2022

After 2 long, arduous years of social distancing and staying in the confinements of our homes due to pandemic, 2022 has finally opened up opportunities for social gatherings again. That means all the fun music festivals and concerts which generally take place in the US annually, have resumed again with full force. We have just witnessed the hustle and bustle of Coachella which has once more proved to be legendary. But even besides that, there are thousands of other exciting festivals taking place all over the country throughout the year. There's all kinds of genres, from rock to edm, from pop to jazz, to suit everyone's different tastes. That's why we have made a recommendation list of some of the biggest and coolest music festivals in the US worth attending this 2022. If you are an ardent music lover and art appreciator, then you will definitely have a great time in these festivities with your family and friends.

10 Summer Skincare Tips to Fight the Scorching Heat and Humidity

Winter has passed and summer has finally arrived. It's the time of the year again when temperature escalates rapidly and the atmosphere gets humid. It's that time again when the heat of the Sun becomes uncomfortable and sticky, sweaty days become the norm. Naturally this change of season calls for a change in lifestyle. Along with your wardrobe, you need to change your skincare routine as well to suit the weather. The regimen you were following throughout the dry, cold months of winter is not anymore suitable for the humid and hot summer season. Your skin needs extra hydration and protection to tackle the various skin issues caused in summer such as rashes, itchy skin, tan, acne, sunburns etc. So here we are with some useful tips for an effective summer skincare routine so your skin remains healthy and supple the entire season.

10 Gluten Free Dessert Recipe Sure to Brighten Your Day

Desserts are an integral part of our food intakes, especially if one has a sweet tooth. A meal feels incomplete without some delicious, mouth watering desserts. There are millions of recipes from all around the world for various sweet delicacies and here in this article we have compiled a select few gluten free desserts recipes for your perusal. If you want to wow your guests with some simple, delicious yet healthy sweet treats, then you would definitely want to try these recipes.

20 Cool Summer Nail Trends to Try This 2022

Summer is a wild season all about beach trips, loud outdoor parties and crazy shenanigans with your loved ones. It's a season of fun and adventure. It's a season of colors and brightness. To embody this season vibe fully, you change your wardrobe, skincare and makeup routine. Then why not upgrade the styling of your nails as well? Get perfectly beach-ready with all the cool summer nail trends of 2022 and wow everyone around you. We have exactly the perfect suggestions of popular summer nails for you to check out. From pretty pastel shades to bold neon colors, from simple french mani to intricately designed nail-art, we have everything to suit everyone's different tastes. And the most important thing? They are really easy to replicate. Boast the trendiest summer nails with some simple DIY techniques at home easily. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite nail-polish and nail-stickers and get to work!

22 Summer Outdoor Party Ideas to Spice Up Your Next Get-together

Summer is here. It's that time of year when you want to go out, explore, have fun and get a bit (or a lot) bold. Going somewhere far is not always easy. But you don't really need to go far to have fun in summer. Use your house backyard to arrange a summer outdoor party of your lifetime. Invite all your closest friends and family members and indulge in a fulfilling time in the company of soothing summer breeze. There's no better opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

9 Tips to Help You Shop Consciously

Conscious shopping or conscious consumerism is kind of a buzzword going around for years. But recently you may have noticed that it has become more than just a fancy-trendy word and more of a serious concern to be aware about. What exactly is Conscious consumerism? Why do we need to be conscious while shopping or consuming materialistic pleasure? Because the things we consume leave carbon footprints behind which affect our environment. And as an integral part of the society and environment, we do have some responsibilities to preserve our mother earth. This is where the concept of conscious shopping comes into play. If you are wondering what you can do to play your part as a responsible consumer, then we have prepared this simple guide just for that purpose.

10 Spots in the USA Perfect For Your Summer Vacation Destination-Best Summer Vacation In United States

The season of summer is finally here after months of cold, harsh winter and we can't be more excited about it. Finally we can stop staying cooped up in our homes and go outside to enjoy outdoor activities. Summer is the perfect time to take a few days off the regular busy schedule and go on a relaxing vacation. And the USA is full of exotic locations which can be your next summer vacation destination in 2022. Be it a vast beach full of sand dunes, scenic mountains with intricate hiking trails, national parks full of wilderness, or little islands with quaint villages - there's all kinds of places to satisfy all kinds of preferences. Here we have compiled a short list of lucrative summer vacation places in the USA and their main attractions for your consideration.

12 Summer Pasta Recipes with Seasonal Veggies and Herbs

Pasta is a very popular dish loved by many and enjoyed all year around. There are so many pasta types and so many recipes to cook them. But there's definitely something special about the season of summer with its colorful vegetables and herbs that makes a pasta recipe even more enticing and tasty. Now that summer is here finally, let's check out some delicious and healthy pasta recipes which are also easy to make.

25 Fun Things to put on Your Summer Bucket List

Cold, harsh weather of winter is finally gone and Summer is just around the corner. Which means there's no more need to stay cooped up in your home bundled up with thick blankets anymore. You can freely go outside wearing your favorite pair of t-shirt and shorts without a care in the world. You are free to hit the beach wearing your boldest swimsuit. Basically it's the chance for you to go wild doing whatever you refrain yourself from doing in the cold months when weather is not really in your favor. So let's make a summer bucket list compiling all the fun things you would like to do this season. We are here with some cool and interesting summer activities for you to consider. Let's make this summer more memorable!

10 Tips on How to Plan a Perfect Date

A perfect date is something that every couple would like to experience. But planning for a perfect date isn't always a piece of cake for most people. Arranging a date night enjoyable for both the parties involved is easier said than done. Many minor, or sometimes major issues come in the way. So if you want to plan a perfect date for your partner, you have to put some serious thought and effort into it. Though you will be heartily rewarded when you see your partner enjoying their time with you.


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