Why Morocco Can Be Your Next Dreamy Summer Destination

When you think of an ideal summer vacation, what kind of places come to your mind? You might think of the serene turquoise blue beaches of Bali, or it could be the picturesque mountain view of New Zealand. You might dream of the vibrant coral reefs of Mauritius or feel drawn to the ancient cultural heritage of Greece. But very few people consider Morocco, one of the most beautiful countries of North Africa. And it feels like a real shame because this gorgeous nation has so much to offer in the warmer months! 

Because of the close proximity with the Sahara Desert and being a mediterranean country, Morocco naturally experiences a significant rise in temperature during summer. But don't let that deter you from visiting this place in this season. The so-called 'Off season' of Morocco will give you many golden opportunities to experience and enjoy the country's charms in a different and refreshing perspective. Let's see what fun and exciting things you can do if you plan a trip to Morocco in summer.


  • Stay in a Riad: Instead of a usual hotel, choose a Moroccan Riad as your accommodation for the trip. Riad is basically a country townhouse built around a courtyard and garden. The rooms express the most authentic cultural and traditional vibes through intricate decors, amazing Moroccan tile work, pretty hanging lanterns and hand woven rugs. These rooms are especially comfortable to stay in during summer and the personalized service from the staff is also immaculate. 

Are you worried staying in Riad would cost you a fortune? Then don't worry too much because most of the Riads offer various kinds of rooms ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious. In addition to that, hotels and Riads offer lucrative discounts for accommodation during summertime due to lack of international travelers around this time. 

  • Enjoy a Fun Camel Ride: You cannot just visit Morocco and not experience a camel ride. It's absolutely like a staple activity around here for travelers no matter what the season is. Many places in Morocco offer camel rides but we will recommend here the one from Marrakesh. You will be picked up from your hotel and ride your camel through the lush palm grove surrounding the city. You can easily go to a Berber camp, enjoy the nice hospitality of the nomads, drink some mint tea and come back. Go for the ride around sunset so you can avoid the scorching sun in the daytime.

  • Enjoy ATV or Quad Bike Riding: If you love the thrill of adventure, then this activity is for you. Explore the vast desert landscape riding a rugged looking quad bike. You can easily book a half-day or full-day ride. You will get sufficient instructions from the professionals, so no need to worry about safety issues.

  • Enjoy A Hot Air Balloon Ride: Experience the Sahara Desert's beauty during the sunrise with an incredible hot air balloon ride. You would need to wake up really early and arrive at the launching site well in advance before the launch takes place. The entire ride would last approximately 45 mins to one hour and you would get to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous scenery of the sun rising slowly above the vast sandscape. This beautiful backdrop will give you lots of photo opportunities as well with your loved ones.

  • Hike The Atlas Mountain: One of the best attractions of Morocco is the scenic beauty of Atlas Mountain. So you should definitely include hiking Atlas in your itinerary for your visit to Morocco. It will be the perfect summer activity. Take local guides with you so they can point out nice viewpoints to you to take nice pictures of 3 vast valleys and peaks of the snowy mountain. The guide will also take you to Berber villages so you can take a rest, mingle with the kind nomads, enjoy tea and a hearty lunch with authentic Moroccan dishes. Don't forget to take a lot of pictures from the peak of the mountain as well because the scene is just absolutely breathtaking and unforgettable.

  • Enjoy Thrilling Water Sports: Beat the summer heat by engaging in exciting water sports at Morocco's famous coastal cities. Oualidia, Taqhazout, Dar Bouazza and Agadir offer a variety of opportunities for surfing, water skiing, scuba diving, kayaking and canoeing. You can also hire a yacht in these major beaches to enjoy cozy quality time with a special someone sipping on a drink and admiring the exotic ocean view.

  • Admire The Night Life: Morocco's biggest charm is its nightlife when the most interesting and fun things happen. Especially in summer, the pleasantly warm weather of nighttime is perfect for travelers to explore the unknown. You definitely can't miss Marrakech's Djemaa el-Fna square which is a sort of city center here and boasts the most authentic form of Moroccan lifestyle at its finest. This place is dotted with a variety of food stalls, cafes and restaurants selling all kinds of mouth-watering moorish delicacies. Performers, dancers and snake charmers crowd the square area to show off their unique talents.

You can also go ahead and explore the sprawling labyrinth of narrow, winding streets of the Medina to discover more hidden wonders of the place. Explore the Souks(marketplaces) and see how amazing the Moroccan handicraft is! The colorful rugs, blankets, clothes and home decor items are so attractive, it would be hard to resist the urge to overhaul.

  • Participate In The Music Festivals: One of the lesser known facts about Morocco is, it hosts a lot of fun music festivals throughout the summer months. So if you come here during this season, you might get to enjoy one or more of such exciting festivals. Essaouira hosts the Gnaoua World Music Festival every year in the month of June. And it doesn't only celebrate the local traditional music or artists, but there are participants from all around the world. There's music from all kinds of genres including folk, jazz, funk, soul etc. So everyone would have something to enjoy. Also get in touch with the deep Moroccan culture through the World Sacred Music Festival of Fes. You will get to experience the rawest form of their artistry.

The above mentioned points must have excited you enough to consider packing your bags and planning a summer trip to the exotic landscape of Morocco. But unfortunately not everyone can plan an international trip just on a whim. So what to do when you can't travel to Morocco this summer? You can bring it to your home instead!

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