What to Wear to Coachella in 2022

Coachella 2022 is just around the corner, which means it's the time to get hyped up for one of the greatest music festivals in the world. It's time to celebrate art and artists, be it famous ones or newcomers in the field. It's also time to think about what to wear to such a large music festival where everyone would like to be on the top of their game. This kind of opportunity doesn't come often. So it's the perfect chance for you to unleash your creativity and imagination to come up with an attractive and cool look. It's time for experiments which you would normally shy away from. This is why we are here to help with some incredible Coachella 2022 outfit ideas of our own. There's all kinds of outfit inspos ranging from simple and sweet to elaborate and fancy. You may just find the perfect look which suits your taste the most.


  1. Go for a ethnic Boho look: Aiming for a unique and ethnic look? Bohemian hippie style might just be something up your alley. Are you wondering what kind of bohemian Coachella outfits there are? Don a boho floral top with shorts for a chic look. Or go for a sexier option which is a boho deep V neck print romper jumpsuit. These kinds of outfits are comfortable to wear and perfect for an eye-catching festive look. Also don't forget the beam hats and knee-length boots for the most authentic touch. Our Boho Bracelet and Natural Bone Tribal Earrings will enhance the authenticity of your look even more.


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  1. Crop tops are trendy: If you want a simple and cute yet trendy look, then crop tops are the way to go. You can pair it up with skin-tight jeans, denim shorts or skirts and you are ready to rock the festive look. For extra flair add a denim jacket, sunglasses and sneakers to the combination. And for accessories, take a look at our Cherry Earrings and Coral bracelet from Nature Wit. They can be perfect to complete your overall minimalistic and chic look.


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  1. Wear Kimono for a quirky look: Wanting to stand out in the crowd with a quirky look? Kimono might be a good festival outfit choice. Choose a stylish and colorful front open floral kimono cardigan and wear it over a simple white t-shirt and denim shorts. Pair your outfit with a Handmade Vintage Tribal bracelet and Butterfly Chakra Necklace. With a slightly messy hair look and high boots, you will definitely attract attention in the midst of festivities.


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  1. Try a fusion look: If you are someone who likes creative things, then this one look is for you. Try a fusion look where East meets West. A mix and match look which has the goodness of both sides. A light washed retro style jeans with a flowy oversized blouse, and throw our Long Silk Shawl over one shoulder and get the desired look. Use our Peruvian Belt to cinch in the shawl around the waist area to highlight the curves of your body. And for the fashion accessories for this kind of look, traditional tribal jewelleries are perfect. Take a look at our African Maasai Handmade Beaded Necklace and African Maasai Handmade Beaded Earrings. Also don't forget to complete the entire look with shades.


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  1. Sport a cowgirl look: What better occasion is there to go as wild as you can than a music festival like Coachella? Go satisfy your inner fantasy of living as a countryside cowgirl and live out your rodeo dream by wearing a classic fancy costume. Go for an all-in-one checkered and denim dress for an absolute cute look. Adorn yourself with our cute Bird Earrings to amp the look. Or wear a sexy set complete with blouse, vest, skirt, belt with holster, boots and bandana. And you obviously can't forget the most important item - cowboy hat! 


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  1. Go for a Indo-western look: It's another fusion look for you to consider to turn heads in Coachella. A festival where everyone brings their A-game in terms of fashion, you would also like to keep up. So you can consider this kind of look which is fashionable and stylish. A front open shrug over a lacy Cami top with Palazzo, and a Long Silk Shawl - it's the definition of a perfect Indo-western outfit. Tie your hair up in a messy bun with Metal Hair Pin from JLV. And complete the look with Amethyst Pearl Gold Earrings and Amethyst Natural Stone Craft Pendant. This kind of look is a perfect amount of desi and sexy. 


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  1. Go for a sexy look with sheer: Feeling a bit bold? Want to wear the sheer dress of your dreams but not many opportunities? Well, Coachella can be your that opportunity. This is the perfect chance to wear anything which you would normally feel hesitant to on a normal day. Take out your sheer blouse or pullover from your wardrobe and flaunt your sexy curves, no matter your body type. And what to wear beneath that sheer clothing? Absolutely anything! A top, tunic, swim suit or just lingerie. Amp up your ravishing appearance with a minimal accessory look with a pair of Elegant Starfish Hoop Earrings and a Multi-stone Geometric Bangle.


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  1. Sport a biker girl look: If a typical soft and cute look is not your cup of tea, then don't fret. We have outfit ideas for all kinds of people with different tastes. If you want a rough and tough look, then this biker girl look will absolutely work wonders for you. Do a grungy look with a cropped black leather jacket with a white shirt, ripped jeans and black ankle boots. You can try a bit of gothic touch to your make up as well. And don't forget the shades to round up the look.


  1. Fulfill your Crochet Dream: Coachella is the perfect place for you to fulfill your dream of wearing a Crochet dress. Choose a Crochet bikini cover up dress or a Crochet Maxi skirt with a lacy top to get a diva look for the festival. Accessorize yourself with Traditional African Coral Beaded Necklace and Handmade Rainbow Wings Earrings. And last but not the least, carry a cross-body bag to put your necessities in.


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  1. Customize your own outfit: No other outfit can be as unique and special as a personally customized outfit. Unleash your ultimate creativity to create the perfect outfit of your own. Take out your paint brushes and DIY your white tee or kurta exactly how you like. Add stickers for extra charm. Get as minimalist or extravagant as you like with your designs. Customize your accessories as well. You can use our Andean Fabric and Andean Ribbons from Shaman Luna to make your own jewelleries and bags to match with your outfit. It will be a really fun experience to customize your outfit yourself and there's not many festivals other than Coachella for you to do such experiments.


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