La Dolce Vita - 8 Ways to Achieve a More Fulfilling Lifestyle

'La Dolce Vita' - you might have heard this term in some way or another recently. There's a lot of buzz regarding a La Dolce Vita lifestyle, especially among conscious people who put mindful effort into improving their lifestyle each day. But what does this buzzword mean? This is an Italian term that translates to 'the sweet life'. And undoubtedly it goes without saying that the objective of such a lifestyle would be to enjoy a more fulfilling life celebrating the finer aspects of it. Life is short, thus instead of wasting precious time wallowing in misery, everyone should make a conscious effort to live a little better, finding happiness in the small things.


Everyone has a different definition of happiness. And finding what makes you filled with euphoria is half the part of the journey to a superior lifestyle. And actively engaging in those activities is the other half. Living la dolce vita is not that hard. If you set your mind on it to make each day better than the day before, then you can easily achieve a peace of mind you never thought was possible to find. 


8 Ways to live La Dolce Vita


  1. Tame the Chaos: 

A chaotic surrounding is a source of headaches. When things are in disarray around you and clutter gets overwhelmingly severe, that influences the mind as well. It manifests itself in a chaotic and restless mindset. So it's important to keep your surroundings organized as much as possible to tame the chaos of the mind. Taking time out of your day to get rid of unnecessary items in your wardrobe and stacking your items in your shelf in an orderly manner will influence your thoughts positively as well. You will be more likely to be at peace with yourself when your surroundings are neat and clean.


  1. Beautify Your Surroundings:

When we visit a garden and take a look at beautiful flowers, our heart fills with unexplainable joy. Beautiful things boost your mood instantly. That is the reason why people always seek pretty sights to explore. And when you start elevating the look of your home and workspace where you spend most of your time, you will find yourself finding contentment in each little trinket you add to your precious collection. Hang the stunning wall-art of your favorite artist you stored away in your attic in the living room. Or frame all your memorable moments of life and display them on top of the cupboard. Decorate your space in a fashion that suits you best.


  1. Actively Find Hobbies: 

The most important step to live the La dolce vita lifestyle is to actively find things that you enjoy. Don't limit yourself to your familiar comfort zone. There are endless possibilities outside of that fine line you draw around yourself. You can never know if you enjoy something or not unless you try. So push your limits to try new things and you may end up finding a hobby of a lifetime that brings you great satisfaction. It could be anything like cooking a cuisine of a different country, painting a plain t-shirt or doing pottery with your effort. You will not feel exhilarated with the process of doing something new, but you will also get a tangible result to show for it.

  1. Connect with Nature:

Nature is an enigma that is there from the beginning of the time accompanying everyone on a journey to the unknown. And the beauty of it is so radiant that it instantly brightens up anyone's gloomy mood. Staying connected to nature also lets you feel grounded to reality. So when you are practicing a lifestyle for a happy and peaceful life, it's important you find time for yourself to spend time in the vicinity of nature. Go for a long walk in the nearby park or visit a garden to admire the lush greenery everywhere.


  1. Seek Communication:

Communication is the key - it's a saying that was as relevant today as it was yesterday. Human beings are social creatures. They thrive on connecting with others. Isolated life only brings loneliness and misery. So to live a sweeter life it's paramount to make meaningful connections in life. Find friends and companions on whom you can rely. Find people who will share your happiness and pain and stay by your side throughout everything. And nurture those connections carefully. Make active attempts to contact and meet them. Value their presence in your life.


  1. Shop Sustainably:

By obtaining local foods and purchasing from regional artisans, you can support your community and your neighbors. Whether you choose to purchase locally produced food, furniture manufactured by a group in your area, or bath products made by a neighbor, you will receive one-of-a-kind things that support a family or small community rather than a large multinational. Why overstuff your life with items that you already own since you all bought them from the same convenience store? Look for unique products manufactured by interesting and creative people and shop sustainably.


  1. Lend Your Hand: 

Often in life happiness comes from lending a helping hand to others in need. Being of assistance to someone, being the reason to bring a smile on someone's face is a rare source of joy that is unparalleled. So when you are embarking on a journey to find yourself and a more fulfilling life, pull along others as well. Participate in the noble tasks of volunteering to help the poor, old and distraught. Helping out others like this will fill you with a sense of accomplishment you can't experience elsewhere.


  1. Take Slow and Steady Steps:

Don't rush through things. Yes, life is busy and everyone is always in a hurry. But try to make some for yourself from a day when you indulge in taking things slowly and enjoy the rare moments of calm and serenity. Enjoy a cup of coffee and read your favorite novel by the balcony. Or snuggle with your cute pet and enjoy a fun time playing with them after a long day at work. Slowing down from time to time is important to stay sane and in control of your life. So don't feel guilty because of it. Rather revel in these little moments where you can truly be yourself.



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