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How to Organize Your Home



Your home is the place where you spend most of your time. It's your comfort zone and safe haven. But do you take care of it as much as you should take care of such an important place? Are you letting your rooms get messy and unorganized because of your negligence? Too lazy to take care of the things piling up on the floor or in the closet? Seems like it's time to take some action. The state of your home can affect your lifestyle and overall state of mind more than you think. A messy home can easily become one of your main causes of frustration and jeopardize your daily routine. So let's start taking matters into your own hands and start taking care of your home.


       If you have decided to take care and organize your home, then the first question which comes to mind is, how and where to start?? This is the part where this organizing task may seem pretty daunting. But don’t you worry! We are here to provide some helpful tips to make this seemingly herculean task easy and manageable.


Make a list- Make a list of all the stuff you have in your home and categorize them, like clothes, accessories, books, shoes, utensils, daily necessities, etc.


Sort out things and aim for minimalism- Bring out all of your stuff one by one category-wise and sort them out according to their usefulness and/or your attachment towards those items. In the end, you will be surprised at how many useless things you had in your home occupying precious space. Get rid of those items by either selling them or donating them to an appropriate charity. Minimalism is the way to go if you want to keep your home in a decent state. The fewer things you have in your home, the less you have to worry about organizing them.


Designate a place for each item- Follow the list of items you made and decide where to put what kinds of items. Designating a proper place for each type of item will make it easier for you to find them later. Keep in mind that you have to stick to the practice of putting things in their appropriate place after using them, otherwise, things will get messy again really soon.


Use the space under the bed- Use the space under your bed to store all your blankets, extra pillows, seasonal clothes, sweaters or shoes, and all the other stuff that you don't use often. This place is perfect for storing items you want to keep hidden from prying eyes. If your bed doesn't have built-in storage, then you can make your own storage drawers with some simple DIY hacks.


Closet arrangement- Arrange your clothes in the closet categorically as well, like tops at one side, pants at the other, and undergarments at the bottom. That way, it will be easier to find them when needed. For folding clothes, you can try the Konmari method of folding which is pretty convenient and saves you a lot of space!


Keep your laundry in one place- Don't throw your laundry here and there in the house and make the place messy. Instead, use a laundry basket to keep everything in one place. There are many cute wicker baskets available that serve both the purposes of storing such stuff as laundry and also look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.



Use wall-hanging shelves/cupboards- To save space at your home, try using wall-hanging shelves or cupboards to store your books or other knick-knacks. These hanging or floating shelves can become quite trendy nowadays because they won’t occupy much floor plan while looking very chic and modernistic. There are gorgeous-looking hanging dressers available here at Jeena LaVie as well! (Check Link)


Make use of your bed's headboard storage space- Many bed frames nowadays come with extra headboard storage space. So don't let it go to waste and use this space for displaying lamps, books, candles, photo frames, or any other thing you want to keep close to the bed. You can keep a bench or basket near the foot of your bed as well to keep blankets, pillows, etc.


Bathroom organization- Hang cabinets on walls to store away the items you want to keep hidden. But don't shy away from flaunting expensive skin or hair care products. Put them on countertops where everyone can see them.


Get creative with the use of your furniture- If you have a small home where you can't fit too much furniture, then try to use things that serve various purposes. You can use a table both as a nightstand as well as for working/studying purposes. Just pair it with a chair and you are good to go.


Use hooks to hang items- You can insert hooks on your walls and hang various items like bags, umbrellas, hats, photo frames, etc.


Display your jewelry and accessories- If you have a great collection of jewelry and accessories, then don't hide them in your dressers. Show them off! Hang the necklaces and earrings from hooks or wire meshes. Display bangles or bracelets from wooden frames which you can easily make with the help of some DIY hacks. Or put them nicely inside of uniquely made jewelry boxes. (Check Link) Such displays will make your room aesthetically pleasing as well.


Keep the stuff needed to go out near the door- The things you need when you are going out of the house should be placed near the door so it's convenient. So place a shoe rack and a coat rack near the door. You can use cubbies or benches as shoe racks. Also keep a dish or box near the door to keep your keys, wallet, etc. You can also opt for an all-purpose cabinet to keep every such item in one place.


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