How to Cleanse Your Chakras With Sage and Spiritual Healing

What do you think when you hear the words like 'Chakras', 'Chakra healing', 'Aura Chakra' and 'blocking and unblocking of Chakras'? If you are someone who has started the self-care journey recently, you might have heard about these terms from people around you as a form of advice. Self-care includes a lot of things. But according to many people including experienced medical practitioners, taking care of only your physical and mental health is not always enough. Sometimes you may need to go to extra lengths to achieve spiritual healing. And that is where the chakra cleansing comes into play.

What is Chakra?

The Sanskrit word 'Chakra' signifies wheel. The internal organs and glands that are associated with your chakras include those along your spine from the to the crown of your head. Additionally, they emanate from the body. These energy centers should ideally coordinate to allow the flow of life force energy.

But because of the imperfections in our lives, chakras might become underactive or overactive due to flow imbalances. Equilibrium of body, mind, and spirit is achieved by balancing and harmonizing each energy center's activity.

They are in charge of delivering life force (also known as chi or qi). These intangible energy wheels maintain our well-being and can also signal disease and physical disruption.

Each chakra controls the energy of a certain frequency and has a unique Sanskrit name, symbol, color, and meaning. A healthy, satisfying life is the outcome of an easy, fluid flow of energy that occurs when the chakras are open and functioning properly.


Why is Chakra Cleansing important?

You may ask why we need to pay attention to chakras when they are not even tangible things. How is chakra cleansing or healing important? The answer is easy. When you form an awareness of the chakras of your body, you eventually learn to sense when they are overwhelmed with negative energy. And then you can put a little bit extra effort into dispelling those energies and get back on track. It's an additional way of taking care of yourself. Because when negative energy is trapped inside Chakras, it can manifest itself in a lot of physical and mental discomfort. It can even affect the harmony of your relationships with others. So awareness of Chakras and their functioning can be immensely helpful for you in many ways. You cannot control the energy flow of Chakras directly per se, but you can indirectly influence them to be directed in the desired direction.


How do you sense when you need a Chakra Cleansing?

As we discussed before, when your chakra is blocked or trapped with too much energy, that will cause a lot of mental, physical, and behavioral distress. And that is how you will be able to tell if you need spiritual healing or Chakra cleansing. 

Some of these symptoms are - irritability, poor inventiveness, problems with intimacy, low sex desire, uncomfortable periods, reproductive difficulties, low self-esteem, nervousness, indecision, digestive problems, irritability, perplexity, and rigid thought patterns. migraines, headaches, nightmares, and many more.


How To Cleanse Your Chakra:

Infinitely strong and made of pure life force, our chakras are also sensitive transmitters and receivers. Your journey for self-care and healing will be greatly enriched by learning to concentrate on and attune your chakra system.

So all you need to tune in to your chakras is some peace, quiet, and introspection. To establish and sustain a closer relationship, however, many people find that certain techniques and tools are beneficial.

Yoga poses and breathing exercises boost energy flow, and certain crystals connect effectively with the various energy centers.

The process can also be aided quickly and easily by a guided chakra balancing meditation. It entails paying close attention to each chakra separately and inhaling deeply while doing so. Sage, charms, and bracelets also help tremendously in your spiritual healing path.

Recommended Items For Chakra Cleansing:

Here are some tools that facilitate the energy flow in your body to correct directions and make it easier to connect with yourself.


This sage kit comes with handmade smudge white sage, one palo santo wood, and a candle holder. Burning of sage is an ancient ritual of energy cleansing and healing. Regular practice of burning sage will improve your well-being significantly. Palo Santo wood is also well-known for its healing properties. It provides an uplifting scent that helps you concentrate during meditation and allows you to form a deeper connection to your spiritual self.


This home cleansing kit comes with a bottle of Palo Santo Essential oil, one smudge of sage, a bracelet, and a cologne with the scent of roses. The oil aids you to attract positive energy and acquire good luck. Burning of the cedar sage emits a wonderful fragrance that also helps with protection, purification, prosperity, and healing.


The kit contains one of each lavender, violet, carnation, and flowering powder. Delete all forms of wickedness and negative energy around you that give us terrible vibes with this potent extract perfume. Wear the purple bracelet as a protective charm every day. For maximum outcomes, it is recommended to use a cleanser while keeping an open mind. great for bringing your home's energy into balance. Can be added to spray bottles for a fantastic addition to cleaning sprays for the home! Excellent for positive Feng Shui energy! Additionally, it can be added to bath water for a calming scent and energy healing!!


The ideal chakra pendulum for clearing blockages and healing the chakras. It includes crystals as well. The crystals get charged during a full moon and get cleansed with sage smoke. Decks of 40 to 50 Spanish Cards also come with the kit. With a Chakra Pendulum, you can lay flat on your back and meditate while holding the pendulum over each area of your body. Imagine the pendulum clearing each chakra as you move up your body. The crystals help to unblock these Chakras. Each Chakra is associated with a different color and crystal. 


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