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10 Trendy Haircuts You Should Try This Summer

Change of season often brings the need and desire to make some changes to our lifestyle as well. Sometimes they are a change of wardrobe, sometimes a skincare routine, sometimes it can be a change of home décor or simply your look or haircut.

A new haircut is the best way to give yourself a new look for a new season. And especially if it's for summer, you gotta embrace the vibe of fun and boldness of it with your refreshing haircut. So let's check some stylish 2023 haircut trends which you should definitely give a try this summer.

  1. Side Swept Bangs: In 2023, we can witness many early 2000's fashion trends making comebacks including the classic side swept bangs. There are lots of refreshing modern twists to this classic hairstyle which are perfect to experiment with this summer. Tie the hair in a high ponytail or sport a tousled look along with the bangs to give yourself a vibrant look. 

  1. Choppy Lob: Lob is basically a long bob haircut which is also very much in trend in summer 2023. And the choppy cutting gives this hairstyle a unique and modern touch. The speciality of a lob is, it complements all kinds of face shapes. This haircut is just above the shoulders and easy to manage in the hotter months.

  1. Bardot Fringe: Sport a gorgeous and sexy look this summer with the famous Bardot fringe. This haircut looks best in the style of a slightly tousled, unkempt pattern parted in the middle. The bangs in front of the face are shorter than the fringe around the temple and they make the face look even more attractive. 

  1. Wispy Curtain Bangs: Another beautiful haircut trend which suits all kinds of hair and all kinds of face shapes. You can easily style your curtain bangs with a round brush and blow dryer. This hairstyle is pretty low maintenance and you would only need to trim it every 5-6 weeks to maintain the desired length. Keep the fringes shorter around the center and longer around the temple to make the jawline look sharp and elongated.

  1. Angled Bob: Get a bit experimental with the length of your hair in this summer season with a funky angled Bob cut. Keep the hair short at the back and gradually longer towards the front side. This kind of haircut gives you a chic and cool look effortlessly. Use this Beach Waves Sea Salt Hair Mist from Beauty Kitchen to make your hair look fuller and voluminous for a nice texture.

  1. Messy Pixie Cut: Hot weather of summer is the perfect time of the year to try short haircuts because longer strands over your neck and shoulder make you feel hotter. So one of the most popular 2023 hairstyles for women is a messy pixie hairstyle with an undercut around sides and nape. This haircut is especially suitable for older ladies because it gives you a much younger and graceful look. The modern pixie haircut is highlighted with more volume and texture making it look more attractive.

  1. Short Shaggy Haircut: The trendy shag haircut was first introduced by the barber Paul McGregor. This haircut comes together with layers of hair in varying lengths framing your face. Thin fringes frame your forehead and give you a modern, sassy and sexy appearance. Shag haircut can give texture to any kind of hair, be it straight, curly, thin or thick. It would work wonders especially for thinning hair because this cut makes your hair look more voluminous.

  1. Wolf Cut: This may be the most Instagram buzz worthy summer haircut among this list. This cut is kind of a combination of mullet and shag. Get a really wild rockstar like edgy look this summer with this hairstyle. Wolf Cut especially looks best on curly or wavy hair because it makes use of the natural volume of the hair. 

Instagram: @cathywolf

  1. Modern Mullet: As we mentioned in the beginning of the post, old fashion trends are making comebacks in 2023 with some added new twist. One of those returning trends is mullet. The modern Mullet includes longer fringes on the forehead and shorter length around the neck. Get a bit more summer-y vibe if you want with a new hair dye. You can apply this Moisture Curl Gel from Melanated Curls to keep your mullet smooth and frizz free. 

Instagram: @ocean_navarro

  1. Medium Layered Cut: If you have thick hair, then this layer cut is the best option for you to choose in summer. This haircut helps you to thin out thick hair and makes it easier to deal with in hotter seasons. Especially if you want to thin out your hair without shortening its length too much, layering them is the way to go. Medium or long layers will give you an effortlessly gorgeous look in no time with minimum hassle. You can also use this Moisture Shampoo from Melanated Curls to keep your layers hydrated, soft and frizz free.


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