10 Mind-blowing Holiday Home Decor Ideas that will Impress your Guests

Guests can get a good sense of who you are based on the way you decorate your home. The furnishings and accessories in your home have a significant impact on the impression you make on guests. Therefore, it is essential to design it in a way that accurately reflects who you really are.


What better time to spruce up your living space than the holiday season? After all, the holidays are the time of year when you are in the best of spirits. It is also the season for frequent visits from guests and the never-ending saga of holiday parties. As a result, you'd naturally want your home to look party-ready. But how are you going to do it? We've compiled a list of amazing yet simple holiday decorating ideas to help you get started. With these tips, you can easily incorporate the festive vibe of the season into your home decor and usher in the holiday season with style.


  • Make a Statement with Bright Shades: For a daring statement with your holiday home decor, try using bright shades such as yellow, red, orange, or hot pink. Because of their association with cheerfulness and the warmth of the sun, the colors in this palette are particularly suited to the festive time of the year. There are a variety of ways in which you can use these hues throughout your house. You can give a wall a yellow paint job or repurpose an old piece of furniture by painting it in shades of orange and red. You can also give your living room a more contemporary feel by hanging elaborate and whimsical works of art on the walls. This Iconic Mosaic Ballerina in the Zone Wall Art was created by Lisbon Mosaic Studio, and it has our complete and utter adoration. It has an extremely one-of-a-kind design and a sophisticated air thanks to the antique tiles, glass, and dishes that were used in its construction. These funky and multicolored Mosaic Geckos can also be a unique addition to your holiday home decor ideas.


Iconic Mosaic Ballerina in the Zone Wall Art


Mosaic Geckos


  • Decorate the Entryway: You can say this is one of the most important places to pay attention to while decorating the home for holidays. You need to make a strong impression on your guests from the get-go. You can amp up your entryway in numerous ways. Doll up your door with a lush foliage for a rustic feel. Hang quirky windchimes or little trinkets. We love this huge Zellige Welcome Sign from Custo Mosaic which will be the perfect piece of decor you need to make your home holiday season-ready. You can also take a look at this decorative House Number Plaque which you can hang outside and welcome your guests with style.


Zellige Welcome Sign

House Number Plaque

  • Spruce up your Tablescape: Among all the places, your tablescape deserves the most attention when you are upgrading your interiors. After all, this is the place where you sit your guests down for refreshments and quality time. Give your dining room a refreshing holiday look with some changes here and there. Lay a bright-colored, pretty tablecloth and add a bunch of fresh blooms in a vase as cute and inexpensive home decor. Colorful glassware and coasters also brighten up the look of a dining table. We adore this Handcrafted Colorful Ceramic Coaster by JLV. And this tasteful Fez Handcrafted And Hand Painted Ceramic Tagine from Custo Mosaic will be the perfect dinnerware to impress your guests. Also take a look at this Ceramic Lemon vase from Nature Wit, which is so vibrant with colors that it catches anyone's eye effortlessly. And if you are preparing for Christmas, then these colorful and funky Christmas Plates are the perfect adornment to enhance your tablescape.


Ceramic Lemon vase


  • Amp up the interiors of your Bathroom: When you are upgrading your home for the holiday season, then don't ignore the bathrooms! Because they deserve as much attention as any other room. But what changes can you make there to leave a lasting impression? You can go big by changing the wallpaper or go for small things like changing the shower curtains. You can also add a quirky yet classy vibe to your bathroom by changing the wash basin into something brighter, stylish, and more colorful. We suggest this Hand-painted Ceramic Aqua Green Bathroom Sink by Custo Mosaic. This uniquely designed Moroccan sink exudes the mid-century modern bathroom decor vibe. We also suggest these radiant Dark Viridian Green Matching Tiles that are one-of-a-kind and attention-grabbing.


Hand-painted Ceramic Aqua Green Bathroom Sink


  • Make Use of Lush Greenery as Decoration: There is no better way to decorate a location in a manner that is appropriate for the holiday season than to add some natural components. Therefore, natural greenery is the most effective kind of interior decoration that can be obtained on a small budget. Place a row of adorable miniature hanging baskets filled with succulents and other small plants along one wall in either your living room or bedroom. People who prefer low-maintenance decorations will especially benefit from having succulents in their homes.


  • Choose Bold Floral Prints: Floral room decors are classic and will never go out of style; in fact, they are the perfect choice for a home makeover in time for the holidays. The intricate designs of pretty flowers and the vibrant colors immediately make a place feel more vibrant. There is a wide variety of ways in which floral arrangements can be used as decorations in a home. A splash of brilliant color can be achieved by utilizing either a lovely and attractive wallpaper or a wall hanging. Altering things like the drapes, tablecloths, throw blankets, and pillow covers is another option for subtly incorporating design elements into the space. The Fancy Hand-painted Floral Themed Turkish Ceramic Bowl is another item that we adore, and it will go wonderfully with the rest of the decor on your table. And if you are looking for a high-quality handcrafted table, then this elegant and exquisite Bold Floral Mosaic Tabletop from Lisbon Mosaic Studio will be perfect for you to place in your living room, patio or backyard.


Floral Themed Turkish Ceramic Bowl


  • Don't Forget the Outdoors: The holiday season is the ideal time for hosting gatherings and parties of all kinds. Consequently, when you are upgrading your home, you should not ignore the front porch or the backyard. You also want to make these areas look nicer for the people who are coming to visit. You can make the space feel cozier by placing a few coffee tables in a few different spots, along with some comfortable chairs and throw blankets made of linen. Take a look at this Outdoor Crafted Mid Century Mosaic Table that was created by Custo Mosaic. The unconventional patterns will undoubtedly succeed in their mission to pique the interest of your guests. In addition to that, there is this Customizable Rustic Outdoor Wall Water Fountain that can be a really distinctive addition to the summertime home decor that you have.


Customizable Rustic Outdoor Wall Water Fountain


  • Light up your living space: Adding pretty fairy lights to your home is a great way to decorate for the holidays without breaking the bank. Put them in a mason jar and use them as a lovely lantern, or string them up from the branches of a tree. Stunning candles not only serve as lovely holiday decorations but also perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the season. We adore this gorgeous Crystal Tealight Candle Holder, one of the most notable creations of JLV.


Crystal Tealight Candle Holder


  • Switch Out Your Drapes: During the winter, you should have thick drapes, but during the holiday season, you should have bright, billowy curtains. These are the types of curtains that allow a mild breeze and sunlight to enter the space, which helps to make it feel more open and pleasant. In addition, for a beautiful finishing touch to your holiday design, use drapes with lively patterns and colors. They will unquestionably brighten the mood in your home so that it is more suited for the season.


  • Go Monochromatic with a Flair: If a bright color palette is not your cup of tea, then no worries! Because there are several options available to spruce up your home for holidays in monochromatic style. There are plenty of home decor items you can display with muted tones and yet with a touch of festive feel to them. This sophisticated and handmade Natural Sage Zellige Color Tabletop from Custo Mosaic with light hues will be perfect to match the theme. And this whimsical Micmac Tribal Star from Mesa Grande Metal will look one-of-a-kind adorning your walls. 


Micmac Tribal Star



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