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Totem blue sea lamp

The lamp is a cheerful Totem formed by a turtle, a fish, and a seagull which soar upwards divided by spheres decorated in bas-relief and smaller circular elements with black and white vertical stripes.
Creator: Nature Wit
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Introducing our captivating Totem Blue Sea Lamp, which beautifully combines artistic inspiration and oceanic themes. This 42-centimeter-tall lamp adds a touch of buoyancy and seaside allure to any room.


The lamp is a celebratory totem, depicting in harmonious flight a turtle, a fish, and a seagull. Spheres covered in ornate bas-relief motifs separate these cute critters. Miniature circles adorned with black and white vertical stripes make for a whimsical addition to the overall design.


This lamp, which was made by hand with careful attention to detail, is a work of art. The wooden support structure has been painted and aged to add charm and personality. At its center is a hollow threaded metal bar that serves to both support the ceramic components and allow the electric cable to run through. The hollow, painstakingly hand-modeled clay objects are a showcase for the artistry and care that went into their creation.


Bas-relief designs of butterflies and dragonflies, among other motifs, have been painstakingly applied to each ball. Elements are meticulously finished and drilled during the clay drying phase to allow for the passage of the electric cable. The first firing, at temperatures of up to 1000°C, gives ceramics their strength and durability. After that, a second firing at 920 degrees Celsius is performed, during which time colors, glazes, metal oxides, and crystalline are painstakingly applied to create a stunning glass fusion effect. The white canvas lampshade is a gentle and calming addition to the overall look.


The light output of the Totem Blue Sea Lamp can be easily adjusted with the push of a button. This lamp is perfect for adding a touch of coastal charm to your home or for bringing some fun and whimsy into your interior design scheme.


Our Totem Blue Sea Lamp will add a touch of enchantment to any room it is placed in. Enjoy being whisked away to the serene beauty of the sea with its charming combination of marine-inspired elements and careful craftsmanship. This lamp will be an instant favorite thanks to its eye-catching style and thoughtful creation.


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