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Find yourself staying inside with nothing else to do? Now is the perfect time to grab a book, start a new hobby, and work on your self care! This new Quarantine Kit has everything you need for your a luxurious at-home spa day. Who says you have to let yourself go during this time? Turn on your favorite show, Facetime a friend, and face mask away. With over $120 of BK product, The Quarantine Kit comes in a large durable clear travel bag and includes three varieties of our best selling masks, one cleanser, one moisturizer, two toners, one of our Aromatherapy Hair & Body Washes, one Aromatherapy Body Lotion, our Lavender Essential Oil Sleep Spray, two of our collagen eye gels, a mask brush, and a full size Cucumber body salve.
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Is social distancing stressing you out?  Use these two included items to help calm those stress related breakouts: Beet That Acne Clay Mask and Chaotic Skin Astringent.

Need to calm down? Yea us too! Use these two included items for a little midday pick-me-up: A Girls Gotta Rest - Lavender Sleep Spray and Lavender Infused Relaxation Mask

Dry skin? Too much wine and not enough water?  Use these two included items: Honey and Oats Facial Cleanser and Mask. The included brush is perfect for mask application, and we suggest removing the mask with the cleanser.

Tired but want to post those social distancing selfies?  We've included two of our Collage Eye Gels for you, White Tea and Green Tea!

Having trouble sleeping in general?  Use these three items anytime you want to fall into that sweet dreamland: Breathe Essential Oil Body Lotion made with soothing Eucalyptus, Breathe Essential Oil Hair & Body Wash (which also makes an excellent bubble bath), and our full-size Cucumber Body Salve to hydrate any areas that need some extra attention (works wonders on feet!).

Just relaxing?  Use these two included items: 100% Natural Rosewater to hydrate during movie time (the perfect anytime refresher and great for hydrating clay masks) and our Rosehip & Hibiscus Daily Moisturizer, which also works as an amazing under eye cream.


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