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Unique SET OF 5 -ArtesaniaLosMolinos Designed Vintage Glass and Silver White Brass Beads Handmade Bracelets, Tribal Art, Spirit Connection

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This is a ravishing and glamorous set of five handmade tribal bracelets that will be the perfect ornament to adorn and beautify your wrist. It is painstakingly woven by Artisans with vintage glass beads, white natural shells, round silver white brass beads, and natural cotton wax cord. The high-quality wax cord used here is waterproof and practically unbreakable. It is easily adjustable and thus fits any size.


The Cowrie shells embellished on these bracelets are widely regarded as the most successful and best form of currency in various parts of the world.


Cowrie shells, according to legend, represent the goddess of protection, which is extremely powerful and is associated with the strength and power of the ocean.

Because these beautiful and small shells resemble female reproductive organs, they are also known as elixirs or life givers, which is why wearing Cowrie Shell jewelry is always a good idea.


Cowrie Shells are also associated with femininity for obvious reasons, one of which is their appearance. Females, on the other hand, used to place these shells on their altars or even use them in birth spells or menstruation. They are also believed to bring prosperity to the wearer.



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