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This Hand-crafted Rose Quartz Spoon by ZAQ is ergonomically designed for facial massage or acupressure point activator for both face and body. Gua Sha is a treatment technique that involves pulling a rose quartz stone along the skin, stimulating the skin layers to reduce puffiness, promote anti-aging.
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Ergonomically designed to fit and work with the many contours of your face and body to help with: -Anti Aging/ Wrinkle Reduction -Stimulating Pressure points for energy flow and balance -Soothing Facial massage -Acupressure/ Pressure Points -Detoxifying via lymphatic system -Migraine/headache reduction


100% Hand Crafted Rose Quartz


Cleanse your skin and apply any creams or serums. Start with one side of your face. Repeat at least 5 strokes for all areas. When it comes to the forehead and neck, you can stroke those areas twice as many times.

-Neck strokes: Start where your neck meets the middle of the right collarbone and use light to medium pressure to move the tool up along the neck until you hit bone. Right behind the ear.

-Under the chin: Gently glide the tool up the throat towards your face, along the the soft area under your chin.

-Chin: Gently press and hug the middle of the chin and guide the gua sha out along the jaw bone until you meet the earlobe.

-Cheek: Sweep the tool from the corner of the nose out to the middle of the ear.

-Under-eyes: Be extremely delicate here. Move purposeful and slow. Guide the stone tool over the under-eye area out towards the hairline.

-Under eyebrow: Avoid pressure to the actual eye or eyelid. Focus on the brow bone instead. Start from inner brow bone and sweep the tool over, out and down toward the temple.

-Third eye: Comb the center of the eyebrows up towards the hairline.

-Lower forehead: Press the tool into the center of the forehead above the brow bone and with a long stroke, move out toward the temple.

-The big sweep: Sweep the tool from the center of your forehead, under your hairline, down and over your temple to your ear and then down the side of the neck to the terminus area. You can perform this “big sweep” movement several times.

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