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Ring with Red Rose

Creator: Nature Wit
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Whether you're shopping for a particular someone or just want to reward yourself, this dazzling ceramic ring is sure to please. The intricate hand-carved design of the beautiful rose is nearly lifelike in its realism. You may add some unique flair to your hand jewelry with the help of this ring. The ring can be resized at the bottom.


Ceramic shells are cast from hand-sculpted clay molds. The entire model is broken down into halves, then the excess clay is removed before being rebuilt.


This meticulous procedure makes the ring both sturdy and feminine.


In a ceramic oven at a temperature of 1000 ° C, white earthenware clay is baked.


A second firing is performed at 920 C with glazes and colors.


Because no nickel was utilized in the production process, this 24K gold plating is hypoallergenic and only 1 millimeter thick. Jewelry is a common application of gold plating. The procedure involves plating a base metal (often brass) with 14-24 karat gold utilizing an electrical or chemical process.

The thickness of the applied gold, measured in microns, is an important factor in determining the quality of a gold-plated jewel. Flash plating is the term used to describe a minimum thickness of 0.3 microns.

The greater the micron count, the stronger and longer lasting the plating will be.

The 1 micron 24 carat gold plating on Nature Wit jewelry ensures that it will shine beautifully for years to come. Some environmental elements that can be controlled with forethought and care also affect this period.


So, to ensure that your plated jewelry always looks great, consider the following:

-Keep it in a soft case to protect it from scratches and a dry environment.

Do not use it in the shower or bathtub.

Take off your jewelry before engaging in strenuous exercise.

Take off your jewelry and watch at night.

-Keep away from soaps, perfumes, creams, etc., that include cosmetic ingredients.



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