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Portugal's ANGEL OF LUCK mosaic square table with blue and white antique Portuguese tile; Mosaic tile table with traditional antique tile

Handmade Materials: antique tile, hand painted tile, angel tile, cement, vidroc, grout, broken tile, ceramic tile
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Let Portugal's "ANGEL OF LUCK" bless your home with her positive energy. Add some Portuguese flair to your home with a tile tabletop featuring the iconic ANGEL OF LUCK motif. This one-of-a-kind tabletop was created using the centuries-old Portuguese mosaic art technique and 95% ancient tile from the early 1900s. The tile in the piece's middle, appropriately named "Angel of Luck," is the focus of most viewers' attention. This beautiful tabletop is perfect for any home and may complement a wide variety of decor styles. This versatile table can serve as a bistro table, coffee table, or bedroom/study side table depending on the base you choose. This table is perfect for hosting a tea party, whether you're entertaining inside or out.


Measurement: 28 inches x 28 inches (70 x 70 cm).


As you can see in the video, the table top is completely level. Even though a variety of tiles of varying thickness are used to handcraft it, the method employed (the "indirect method") is such that it dries upside down, ensuring a level surface. The pouring of the cement compensates for the discrepancy of height. Top grade extra strength cement is used in the crafting of the table which gives the piece longevity.

Then a sealant is applied to further protect the surface.


The base is not included in the order.


As with all handmade pieces, there are imperfections which add to the beauty of the artistic piece.



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