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Pack of 6 Peruvian Esoteric Soap Bars (90gr) (6 units)

Experience the mystical power of Peru with our collection of 90 gr Spiritual and Esoteric Soaps.
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Creator: Shaman Luna
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Experience the mystical power of Peru with our collection of 90 gr Spiritual and Esoteric Soaps. Each soap is carefully crafted in Peru, combining ancient wisdom with natural ingredients to help you attract positive energy, health, luck, wealth, and love into your life.

Our 100% natural soaps are meticulously made using a blend of Amazonian plants and diverse Peruvian ingredients, ensuring a truly authentic and transformative experience.

Each one of them is used for a different purpose:

1. Rue Soap Bar: Rue is known for its purifying properties, which help you to release negative energy. Cleanse your energy and remove any blockages that may hinder the flow of abundance.

2. "Gallina Negra" Soap Bar: Purify your body and mind with its nourishing properties. It is used to cleanse negative energies, grudges, envy, banish negativity, and promote spiritual well-being.

3. "Leche de la Mujer Amada" Soap Bar:  Indulge in the nurturing embrace of the Beloved Woman's Milk Soap Bar, known for its power to enhance love and passion.

4. Florida Water Soap Bar:  Immerse yourself in the refreshing and purifying properties of the Florida Water Soap Bar, a timeless classic for spiritual purification.

5. 7 Powers Soap Bar: Harness the seven cosmic forces with the 7 Powers Soap Bar, designed to awaken your inner strength and resilience.  Use it to protect you against betrayal, curses, harm, witchcraft, envy, the evil eye, and hatred.

6. Roses Soap Bar: Bathe in its enchanting aroma, celebrated for its ability to attract love and enhance self-care rituals.

7. Pusanga Soap Bar: Experience the alluring charm of the Pusanga Soap Bar, crafted to ignite passion and deepen connections.

8. "Miel de Amor" Soap Bar: Discover the sweet embrace of the Honey of Love Soap Bar, formulated to foster romance and affection.

9. Rue (Female and Male) Soap Bar: Unite the feminine and masculine energies with the Rue Soap Bar, harmonizing your spiritual and emotional well-being, enhancing the power of rue, and removing any blockages that may hinder the flow of abundance.

For this set you have to choose 6 different soap bars. Please , in the purchase process let us know what are the soap bars that you chose.




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