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Owl of Knowledge - Handmade Dhokra Art Pendant

Add a touch of wisdom and artistry to your space with our Handmade Dhokra Art Pendant of an Owl. Meticulously crafted, this pendant captures the intricate details of this majestic bird.
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Welcome the timeless allure of the Dhokra art form into your outfits with this magnificent Owl of Knowledge Brass Pendant. Handcrafted with precision and love, this figurine represents the rich craft dating back 4000 years, showcasing India's ancient civilization through its intricate works of art.

Made of durable brass, this Dhokra Owl pendant adds a touch of simplicity, edginess and chic to any setting, illuminating your looks with its captivating charm.

Dhokra, a mesmerizing metal casting art form, draws inspiration from the abundant knowledge of nature, environment, birds, animals, mythology, and rituals, creatively infused into each masterpiece. Embrace the imperfections that are the hallmark of these handmade pieces, for they add to the authenticity and unique character of each pendant.

Owls have long been revered as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, wisdom, good luck, and fortune. Associated with the goddess Lakshmi, the embodiment of fortune, wealth, and prosperity, they hold a special place in Indian culture.

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