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Macrame Turquoise, Purple Jasper, Ceramic Handmade Healing Necklace, Gently Calming Necklace, Adjustable Vibrant Colours Necklace

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This wonderful and unusual macrame tribal adjustable necklace was designed to reflect your individuality. Carefully woven by hand by skilled artisans, this sacred boho necklace takes its cue from the artwork of the original indigenous peoples of the Americas. This stunning necklace is entirely handcrafted from start to finish, from the dark brown waxed chain to the stunning ceramic pendant in the center boasting multiple vibrant colors to the radiant embellishments of turquoise, purple jasper and Opalite.


This accessory's eye-catching design is the creator's own unique idea. Pulling on the knots on the waxed rope allows you to shorten or lengthen the neck piece to your desired length. Beeswax is applied to the cords before they are included, making them watertight and practically unbreakable. For that reason, you may put your mind at ease knowing that this necklace will be difficult to misplace. Waxy cord comes in a range of colors, including black and dark brown.


Healing Properties:




Enhances communication with beings from other realms

Helps you to be mindful of the present moment

Enhances self-expression and communication

Helps you to live in the moment

Removes negativity from yourself and your environment

Enhances self-confidence

Relieves energetic symptoms of acid reflux or heartburn

Aids in relaxation

Promotes spiritual ascension

Helps you to remain on the path that is for your highest good

Boosts the immune system energetically

Aids in removing negative energy associated with ailments of the eyes

Reduces energetic causes of acidity in the body and aids in energetic detoxification

Reduces inflammation




Energizes you

Promotes complete happiness and joy

Encourages the celebration of life’s small moments

Promotes honesty (especially with yourself)

Helps you achieve your dreams

Frees blocked energy from the body

Stimulates mental activity

Relieves symptoms of allergies

Facilitates triumph over the seemingly impossible




Opalite, which has a lovely appearance, can aid in the treatment of depression. It will make you feel at ease and free you from any emotional baggage. It's supposed to help you feel at ease and peaceful, no matter what's going on around you. It will make you feel at ease and relieve any stress you may be experiencing.


The milky, see-through stone gives off a vibration of harmony and higher energy and helps people connect with their higher selves.


It increases confidence in one's sexual abilities and heightens the overall sex experience. The protective qualities of opalite are useful for making any kind of transition, but especially ones that will improve your love life.





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