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Lotus Brahmi Handmade Stainless steel Turquoise Gentle Necklace

Handmade Materials: stainless steel, turquoise, ceramic bead
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Artesania Los Molinos has painstakingly sculpted these eye-catching and flawless tribal necklaces. This stunning necklace is handmade from the best quality stainless steel, little turquoise beads, and little dark blue ceramic beads. And this beautiful piece of jewelry comes straight from a small, eco-friendly town in the Andalusian desert. The delicate carving on the necklace is reminiscent of Native American jewelry-making traditions. You can create your own personal style by matching this one-of-a-kind necklace with a variety of garments.


The natural gemstones on these unique necklaces give them a wide range of bright colors. They also provide strong healing powers to the wearer. The stainless steel used in this jewelry is of very high quality and thus never tarnishes or changes color.

Healing properties of turquoise


Immunity: Turquoise can boost immunity even when not used in meditation.


Breathing: This crystal helps ease breathing when dealing with respiratory ailments such as shortness of breath and other issues.


Allergies: This gemstone can prevent and treat allergies and asthma caused by allergies.


Depression: Turquoise can lift your spirits even when it seems hopeless.


Vitality: This crystal brings strength and energy. It can ease or eliminate exhaustion.



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