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Light Blue Mosaic Wall Mirror - Wall Mirror - CUSTOMIZABLE Wall / Floor Mirror - ( Indoors & Outdoors ) Mirror - Handmade Tiles Mirror

Handmade Materials: Mosaic, Metal, Glass
SKU: CM00373
Creator: Custo Mosaic
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Introducing our captivating Light Blue Mosaic Wall Mirror, a true testament to the exquisite artistry of Moroccan handicrafts. This remarkable piece of wall art is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, representing the cultural diversity and heritage of Moroccan craftsmanship. The design, choice of materials, and vibrant colors used on the surface of this mirror showcase the rich artistic traditions that have been passed down through generations.


With a height of 55 cm and a width of 40 cm, this amazing work of art can also be personalized to your exact preferences, allowing you to create a truly unique and customized piece. By acquiring such treasures, you not only adorn your space with beauty but also support the revival of a dying craft, ensuring the timeless connection between the past and the present. Your purchase brings happiness and livelihood to the skilled workers who pour their hearts into creating these masterpieces.


The journey begins with clay, a material found exclusively in Fes City, particularly in the renowned place called "Ben Jellik." The clay is carefully collected and left to dry for 20 days. Once dry, it is broken into smaller pieces using large hammers. After another day of drying, it is soaked in water for two days. Skilled craftsmen meticulously clean the clay, removing unwanted rocks and impurities, ensuring the highest quality for their creations. This unique activity is exclusive to Fes City, with its close relationship to the sun.


Devoted artisans then shape the clay into exquisite flower vases, jars, plates, and more, all meticulously crafted by hand. This craft is an inherited tradition that showcases the skill and artistry passed down through generations.


The handmade products are placed in an oven and baked for 8 hours at a scorching temperature of 2000°C. The next step involves painting the products with natural-based colors sourced from the wonders of nature. Paintbrushes made from horsehair are used, carefully applying different hues such as blue, red, and black. To add a magnificent shine, a special coating is applied before returning the products to the oven for another 8 hours, baking on burned wood. The result is a mirror that can withstand daily use, allowing you to enjoy it while using cold or hot water, with the paint boasting exceptional longevity.


Moving to the intricate art of Zellige, the clay undergoes two rounds of baking. After the second baking with paint, it is entrusted to a skilled Nekkach who determines the pattern based on where the Zellige will be placed. Inspired by ancient references such as Karaouiyn and the king's palaces, the Zellige pieces are expertly arranged in a mesmerizing geometric pattern. Using a material called "La resin" or "cola sima," the pieces are left to dry before being flipped to reveal the breathtaking design. This meticulous workmanship embodies the true essence of clay craft in the city of Fes.


Embrace the beauty and cultural heritage of Moroccan handicrafts with our exceptional Light Blue Mosaic Wall Mirror. This piece not only adds a touch of elegance to your space but also represents a connection to a vibrant past. Elevate your decor and support the artisans who bring these masterpieces to life. Order now and experience the artistry of Moroccan craftsmanship in your home.


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