God Ptah The Creator Gold Necklace

Handmade item Pendant width: 15 Millimeters; Pendant height: 45 Millimeters; Necklace length: 18 Inches Materials: Gold, Silver
SKU: AL00150
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Gold God Ptah Necklace, Real Gold Ptah Pendant, God Ptah Jewelry



Ptah is one of the most ancient and important creator-gods in Egyptian history. His very name means "Creator." Ptah originated the universe in thought, and generated all things in creation by naming them. As he spoke their names, they became real. He came to Earth and ruled in Memphis, Egypt's first capital city, which was called "Het-ka-Ptah" (Temple of the Soul of Ptah). Eventually this name became pronounced as "Egypt." Ptah is almost always shown as a mummy. His hands hold a staff combining three of the most powerful symbols of ancient Egypt: the Was sceptre representing power, the Ankh, hieroglyphic symbol for life, and the Djed pillar, sign of stability. The goddess Sekhmet was his consort, and he was closely associated with the fundamental truth of Ma-at. Ptah was also the "Hearer of Prayers," helping the pleas of mortals to reach the attention of the gods. Ptah was the patron of craftsmen - those who worked in stone, wood, metal and paint, architects and other tradesmen involved in building. In Ptah's Memphis, vast numbers of craftsmen were needed to construct, furnish and decorate tombs. They kept the worship of Ptah strong for 3000 years.

Pendant Dimensions

45 x 15 MM ( 1.8 x 0.6 inch )


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