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Gentle Cowrie Gemstone Beads Silver Plated Beads Jasper Turquoise Opalite Lapis Lazuli Turtle Om Spiral Stainless Steel Lobster Necklace

Handmade item Necklace length: 50 Centimeters
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This healing spiral lobster necklace will look great with any outfit and is a great addition to your already impressive jewelry collection. This hand-woven necklace features rare cowrie shells, silver-plated tribal beads, and dazzling round gemstone beads like a jasper, turquoise, opal, and lapis lazuli strung on a beeswax-treated dark brown waxed string. This necklace's versatility means it may be worn with both formal and informal attire. It's also a lovely material for gifts to the people you care about.


Length: 50 cm


Cowrie shells are associated with the ocean's strength and might, according to tradition. Cowrie shells are known as elixirs or life-givers because they resemble female reproductive organs. Wearing cowrie shell jewelry is a good idea. They're supposed to bring prosperity.


Healing properties of turquoise


Immunity: Turquoise can boost immunity even when not used in meditation.


Breathing: This crystal helps ease breathing when dealing with respiratory ailments such as shortness of breath and other issues.


Allergies: This gemstone can prevent and treat allergies and asthma caused by allergies.


Depression: Turquoise can lift your spirits even when it seems hopeless.


Vitality: This crystal brings strength and energy. It can ease or eliminate exhaustion.


Healing properties of lapis lazuli:


Lapis Lazuli makes you more self-aware, lets you express yourself and shows you your inner truth. This gives you qualities like honesty, compassion, and morality. stimulates objectivity and clarity and encourages creativity. Lapis Lazuli assists in confronting and speaking one's truth and inspires confidence. It also cleanses the third eye chakra.


Healing properties of jasper:


Ground you and provide stability

helps alleviate stress and induce tranquility 

provide comfort and security, strength, and healing

eliminate negative energy

balance the aura to a level of wholeness and peace

aid in banishing nightmares or harmful thoughts


People say that jasper stones can improve blood flow, boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and clean your body. It's mainly known for its help with sexual and digestive organs. Jasper gives you positive energies, so you may have more sexual pleasure or feel supported if you are sick for a long time. Individuals enjoy jasper as a water crystal because it won't overstimulate the body.


Healing properties of opal:


Opalite, which has a lovely appearance, can aid in the treatment of depression. It will make you feel at ease and free you from any emotional baggage. It's supposed to help you feel at ease and peaceful, no matter what's going on around you. It will make you feel at ease and relieve any stress you may be experiencing.


The milky, see-through stone gives off a vibration of harmony and higher energy and helps people connect with their higher selves.


It increases confidence in one's sexual abilities and heightens the overall sex experience. The protective qualities of opalite are useful for making any kind of transition, but especially ones that will improve your love life.


Some people believe that wearing opal might help them maintain a more consistent mood and fight off fatigue. It's a good way to overcome anxiety and learn to embrace change.



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