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Eileen McDonough

Hello and welcome to my shop!

I’m Eileen McDonough, an American living in Lisbon, Portugal. I have founded Lisbon Mosaic Studio where I create mosaic art and furniture. I have done many solo and group exhibitions, both in the USA and Portugal.


When I first moved to Lisbon over 2 decades ago, I was inspired by the amazing mosaic sidewalks. I learned this technique and have been creating mosaics ever since, giving this age-old art form a contemporary twist. I now sell tables, murals, mirrors, wall art, and 3D pieces, shipping worldwide.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you!

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Mosaic table for COFFEE LOVERS. Mosaic tile tabletop; cafe table; garden table, BISTRO coffee table; dining table; kitchen table

The artist's signature was carved onto a tile then fired, as shown in photos.


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