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CUSTOMIZABLE Talavera tile, Handmade and Handpainted Ceramic Tiles

Handmade Materials Zellige, Natural Colors, Clay
SKU: CM00389
Creator: Custo Mosaic
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Discover the exquisite beauty of Custo Mosaic's Customizable Talavera Tile, a masterpiece of Moroccan craftsmanship. These stunning handmade and hand painted ceramic tiles showcase the rich cultural diversity of Moroccan handicrafts, combining intricate designs, high-quality materials such as Zellige and clay, and a vibrant color palette. With separate tiles available for customization, you have the freedom to bring your unique vision to life.


Measuring 10 inches in width, 10 inches in length, and 7 mm in thickness, these tiles offer a generous size that allows for versatile applications. Whether you're an interior designer seeking to collaborate or an individual looking to enhance your living space, you are welcome to contact the artisan for special discounts and custom orders.


Each of these remarkable Talavera tiles is meticulously handcrafted by skilled professionals who dedicate themselves to preserving the artistry of traditional Moroccan techniques. Reflecting the centuries-old heritage of Moroccan handcrafts, the tiles captivate with their intricate designs, authentic materials, and the vivid colors that grace the surface. Standing at an impressive height of 55 cm with a width of 60 cm, these tiles can be personalized to suit your individual taste and style.


The journey begins with the clay, a unique material found exclusively in Fes City, specifically in the revered location of "Ben Jellik." To ensure its quality, the clay is carefully collected and left to dry for 20 days. Once dry, it is meticulously broken into smaller pieces using a large hammer. After another day of drying, the clay is immersed in water for two days. Skilled artisans then painstakingly clean the clay, removing unwanted rocks and impurities. This meticulous process, deeply intertwined with the sun, remains a distinctive feature of Fes City.


Expert craftsmen are entrusted with shaping the clay dough into various forms, including flower vases, jars, plates, and the exceptional handmade tiles that we present. Passed down through generations, this craftwork is a testament to the rich heritage and cultural legacy of Morocco.


Following the shaping process, the handmade products are fired in an oven at an extraordinary temperature of 2000°C for eight hours. This firing ensures the tiles' durability and longevity. The next step involves the application of colors, inspired by Moroccan fortunes, dining tables, and walls. Only natural-based colors extracted from local resources are used, and the paintbrushes, made from horses' hair, provide the precision required to bring each design to life. An array of captivating colors, including shades of blue, red, and black, are employed, resulting in a visually stunning mosaic.


To enhance the tiles' aesthetics and practicality for everyday use, a special material is applied, giving them a glossy finish. Subsequently, the tiles are returned to the oven for an additional eight hours, this time baked with burned wood. This final step ensures their suitability for daily use, allowing you to enjoy them with confidence. Whether you use them with cold or hot water, the long-lasting paint remains vibrant and resilient.


The artistry of Zellige takes center stage as the tiles undergo additional firings and are entrusted to the skillful hands of Nekkach, a master artisan. Depending on the intended placement of the Zellige, Nekkach meticulously arranges the tiles in mesmerizing geometric patterns, drawing inspiration from ancient references such as Karaouiyn and the grand palaces of Moroccan kings. This intricate process exemplifies the remarkable craftsmanship of clay in the city of Fes, preserving the rich artistic heritage of Morocco.


By acquiring these Customizable Talavera Tiles from Custo Mosaic, you actively contribute to reviving a dying craft, ensuring the eternal connection between the past and the present.


Shipping: Since these products are made to order, it will take 15 days to create your order and another 2–3 business days to ship it. Please contact us via email if you have any questions.



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