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Ceramic lamp with turquoise flowers

This lamp is a turquoise totem pole, made up of a turtle and a seagull. Embellished with a sphere decorated with bas-reliefs and ceramic wheels with vertical black and white stripes divide the larger elements.
SKU: NW0041
Creator: Nature Wit
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Ceramic lamp with turquoise flowers


This lamp is a play of shapes and colors entirely handmade. It is a totem of two turquoise animals, a turtle and a seagull. The central element is a sphere decorated with applied bas-reliefs decorated one by one. Ceramic castors with vertical black and white stripes divide the larger elements. This lamp is entirely handmade. The base is made of varnished and antiqued wood. The core is a threaded metal hollow rod that supports the ceramic elements and allows the passage of the electric cable. The ceramics are hollow and shaped entirely by hand from clay. On the spheres, bas-relief motifs, butterflies and dragonflies, are applied and decorated one by one by hand. During the drying phase of the clay, the elements are finished and drilled to allow the passage of the electric cable. After the first firing, which takes place at 1000° centigrade, the colors and glazes are applied, i.e. metal oxides and crystalline. The second firing for melting the glass reaches 920° centigrade. The lampshade is made of white canvas. The lamp is equipped with an on/off button.




Height: 42
cm Wood base: 14 cm
Lampshade: largest diameter: 25 cm; smaller diameter 12 cm; Height 15 cm


Naturewit by Maria Aurora Manetti


All Naturewit ceramic products are rigorously and entirely handmade, by me. My name is Maria Aurora Manetti and I am a Florentine artisan ceramist. The brand was born from my love for nature and for everything that is green, sustainable and possibly self-produced. Ceramics, being basically clay and glass, is the right material for my idea of art. Since I was a child I have always lived in the countryside around Florence, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards. From here I developed my artistic sensibility and desire to create. Observing nature, I realized that there is a spirit behind everything and it is to this spirit that my art is dedicated.

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