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Centerpiece with lemons, flowers and leaves

This vase is forged entirely by hand from white clay (terraglia).
Creator: Nature Wit
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Introducing our captivating Centerpiece with Lemons, Flowers, and Leaves, a stunning creation forged entirely by hand from white clay (terraglia). With a height of 18/20 cm and a depth of 18 cm, this vase is a vibrant and enchanting addition to any space.


Every lemon, leaf, and flower adorning this masterpiece is meticulously modeled and finished one by one, showcasing skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. The result is a mesmerizing centerpiece that exudes a lively and colorful presence, instantly uplifting the ambiance of any room.


To achieve its impeccable form and durability, the clay undergoes a transformative process inside a ceramic kiln, where it is fired at a temperature of 1000° centigrade. This initial firing not only solidifies the clay but also sets the stage for the artistic enhancements that follow.


After the first firing, a talented artisan delicately applies colors using a brush, incorporating metal oxides to create vibrant and expressive hues. To enhance the piece further and add a touch of depth and brilliance, it is then immersed in a crystalline bath, elevating its visual appeal to new heights.


The final step in this artistic journey is the second firing, where the centerpiece is exposed to temperatures of 920° centigrade. This firing process not only seals the colors and finishes but also unveils the true splendor of the piece, allowing its vibrant essence to shine through.


Our Centerpiece with Lemons, Flowers, and Leaves is more than just a vase—it is a captivating work of art that adds a touch of joy and freshness to any setting. Whether displayed on a dining table, shelf or as a focal point in your living space, it serves as a stunning centerpiece that invites admiration and conversation.


Elevate your decor with the vibrant charm and artistry of our Centerpiece with Lemons, Flowers, and Leaves. Embrace the beauty of handcrafted clay, and let this exquisite vase become a cherished symbol of elegance and nature's splendor in your home.



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