7 Hand Free Exercises to stay Fit and Healthy

Massive digitization has made our life a lot easier as we can now do almost everything with just a few clicks on our devices. But as with everything else in the world, it has its negative impact as well. And one of them is, it has made people lazy(at least in terms of physical movement) and secluded. Most people and alarmingly young people spend most of their time in front of a screen, be it for professional needs or leisure. And after the pandemic made working from home a norm, things have gotten worse. People now stay cooped up in their homes almost all the time without much movement.

Why Do You Need a Self-Care Plan & How to Execute it?

To live a happy and healthy life, it's paramount to take care of yourself constantly. That's where self-care planning comes into play. What's a self-care plan? It's a list of activities which will act as your coping mechanism and support the well-being of your physical, mental and emotional state. It's also a set of principles to live by so you don't fall into the dark abyss of stress and depression.


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