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We hope to create a community, a platform for people to discuss their problems and concern with one another, to support each other. To create a sense of togetherness in this community. Not only do we aim to nurture our audience but also our creators, we are trying to bring a very personal and intimate shopping experience at Jeena LaVie.


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Dream Catcher Wall Hangings Crafts For Home Décor Handmade Dream Catcher for Bedroom, Garden , Balcony Native American Art- Powwow

Explore the magic of dreamcatchers with our handcrafted masterpiece made by native Native American craftspeople. Connecting with age-old customs is a great way to invite good vibes and tranquility into your life. Our culturally significant decorative accents will give your home a new level of sophistication and bring you closer to your dreams.

Feather Tribal Metal Hair Twister For a Funky Trendy Look

Get funky with our Feather Tribal Metal Hair Twister! Perfect for beach outings or casual strolls. Adds a boho charm to any hairstyle and complements all hair types. Whether you're dressing up or keeping it casual, this stylish twister is your go-to accessory. It's great for all-day wear.

Floral Turkish Ceramic Coffee Mug Printed Multicolored Handcrafted Rosewood Handle Ceramic Coffee Mug For Gifts

Handcrafted with high-quality ceramic, this mug is durable and long-lasting. The base of the vibrant red color blends and highlights the intricate floral patterns nicely.


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