Aztlan Herbal Remedies

We started this company with the vision to bring back traditional Herbal Remedies that have been around for thousands of years and used by Indigenous people from this land we now call Aztlan. 




“Aztlán” is the name for the Southwestern United States — an area that, according to such separatists, rightfully belongs to the government and people of Mexico. Aztlan includes Sonoran Mexico, New Mexico, Arizona, So. Cal. Nevada, Colorado, California, Texas, Utah, Oregon, and parts of Washington State. Mexican separatists consider this region to be part of a mythical Aztec homeland that was stolen from its rightful owners, the people of Mexico. 

Our Mission is to provide traditional herbal remedies to promote natural healing at fair prices with excellent service. Our traditional formulas have been manufactured using the best organic herbs available.

Our commitment to quality reflects in our products so that you can be sure you are getting the highest-quality, best-formulated products available. What we do here is important but the way we do it matters most.

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Burdock Root Capsules

Burdock Root has been an important botanical in Western folk herbalism and traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, primarily valued for its cleansing and skin smoothing properties.


Burdock Root Tincture 1oz

Burdock root Now in a Tincture! 1oz. Bottle. Now you can take your minerals on the go!


Calming Magnesium Body Butter 4oz

Magnesium Oil, Unrefined Coca Butter, Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oil


Candida Detox Capsules

Candida is a type of fungus that lives inside all of us. It's a naturally occurring fungus found in the intestinal tract but can grow out of control and wreak havoc on the body. Candida can grow out of control and start to damage our internal organs and overall health.


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