20 Cool Summer Nail Trends to Try This 2022

Summer is a wild season all about beach trips, loud outdoor parties and crazy shenanigans with your loved ones. It's a season of fun and adventure. It's a season of colors and brightness. To embody this season vibe fully, you change your wardrobe, skincare and makeup routine. Then why not upgrade the styling of your nails as well? Get perfectly beach-ready with all the cool summer nail trends of 2022 and wow everyone around you. We have exactly the perfect suggestions of popular summer nails for you to check out. From pretty pastel shades to bold neon colors, from simple french mani to intricately designed nail-art, we have everything to suit everyone's different tastes. And the most important thing? They are really easy to replicate. Boast the trendiest summer nails with some simple DIY techniques at home easily. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite nail-polish and nail-stickers and get to work!

  1. Pretty Floral Mani: We already know summer is a season of blooms and colors. So what can be more fitting than to imprint those blooms on your pretty nails? Draw beautiful flowers on your nails or use stickers to get a bright and cute summer nail design in no time. This floral mani is the perfect nail-design for you this season.

  1. Starry Night: Paint your nails replicating the ethereal summer night sky full of stars. Coat your nails with black or deep blue shade and draw the little bright stars all over with different colors to get the dreamy effect. Throw in some glitters to embrace the full starry night vibe.

Instagram: @mumblesbeauty

  1. Checkerboard Art: Among various nail-arts, checkered nails are one of the most trendy summer nails this year. Combine two colors of your choice and get this cool design painted on your nails. You can also opt for different color combinations for each nail to get a whimsical, chic look.

Instagram: @_nailsbyamylouise

  1. Rainbow Paradise: Put the brightest shades of rainbow on your dainty nails with this mani. Paint your nails with different colors of rainbow and you will get a funky, mix and match look for the summer beach party in no time.

Instagram: @polished_yogi

  1. Cartoon Faces: Another whimsical yet very cute summer nail trend is to paint your favorite cartoon character's face on the nails. An adorable Mickey mouse nail-art will be the exact eye-catching look you want to aim for this season.

Instagram: @despoina_koliniati.nails

  1. Strawberry Garden: Succulent strawberries are not only a tasty fruit, but it can also be your next phenomenal nail-art as well. Bright and pretty looking strawberry design would give you the perfect fruity summer vibe. Go to your weekend excursion with your friends sporting these cute nails.

Instagram: @nailsbyquincey

  1. Smiley Face: Who doesn't love a cute smiley face nail-art? This is a kind of nail trend which is never gonna get old because everyone loves the intense positive and happy vibe it exudes. That's why it's also suitable for any season. The smiley nail-stickers come in different sizes, so you can choose exactly what you want. It's really easy to put them on your already existing mani.

Instagram: @swakbeauty

  1. Pastel Pretty: If you want your nails to be more soothing to the eyes, then pretty pastel shades are your best friends. Use 2-3 shades to get a chic, sophisticated look for the summer.

Instagram: @purenailsuk

  1. Shimmery Golden Tip: Give your Usual french mani an interesting twist with this gorgeous shimmery golden tip. These thin swipe of golden polish gives you a graceful look easily. If you are not fond of gold, then you can just go for any other metallic shade of your choice.

Instagram: @nailcraftlk

  1. Funky Swirls: It's also one of those trends which never get old or outdated. Use the brightest shades of polishes to get the pretty swirls which look really summer-y.

Instagram: @prettyfinenails

  1. Bold Neon: Summer is the perfect time to explore your bold side. So don't hesitate to play with some loud Neon shades this season. Fluorescent yellow, orange or hot pink - these colors are bound to give you the hot vibe befitting the season.

Instagram: @karonails_passion

  1. Polka Dots: If you are a fan of minimalism, you will love this cute nail-art a lot. These cute, tiny polka dot designs are so pleasant to look at and extremely easy to DIY. You just need a dot-tip applicator to perfect this minimal design.

Instagram: @polishedbar

  1. Lovely Heart: Going for a date this weekend with your significant other and want to give your nails an appropriate look? What better design can be there other than lovely heart patterns? Use cute, tiny heart stickers over a solid colored nail-polish and your nails will look absolutely perfect.

Instagram: @thehangedit

  1. Ocean Waves: Summer means taking every opportunity to go explore the beautiful beaches. Ocean is where you feel the most at peace in these hot, sweaty days. So why not replicate those ocean waves on your nails? Use different shades of blues and white to get the dreamy look which is perfect for summer beach trips. Secure the design with a top coat.

Instagram: @zibaluxury

  1. Marble Nail Trend: This is a slightly tricky trend to recreate at home, but with necessary items and some patience, you are sure to get a cool and unique summer look. Use 2 or 3 different bright colors of nail-polish and use a toothpick to swirl them around delicately to create the ultimate marble look. 

Instagram: @jordanward_nailartist_x

  1. Minimal Earthy Hues: Another minimalistic nail trend for people who like to keep things simple. Use a few neutral, earthy colors this summer to get a sophisticated look with a lot of depth.

Instagram: @nailsbyrachel.christine15

  1. Multi-colored Nails: Multi-colored Nail trend has remained with us for years and rightfully so. Because this trend is very easy to follow and it also looks great. So try this evergreen trend this summer by applying 5 different colors of nail polish on each finger. Or you can just stick to one color and it's different shades to get a fun look.

Instagram: @fefra_beauty

  1. Ice-cream Scoops: You can't imagine summer without ice cream. Ice-creams are our life-saver for this season. And that's why ice-cream scoops are the best summer-appropriate nail trend you could come across. Delicious and cute ice-cream cone designs on nails look absolutely mouth watering.

Instagram: @misshuyendinh

  1. Matte Nails: Not everyone loves too glossy or gel-like texture. And that's why you need a classy matte finishing. Paint your nails with your favorite nail-polish color and coat them with a matte top coat.

Instagram: @magdula.es

  1. Coffin Nails: This nail trend idea is gaining popularity this summer. If you have long nails and are willing to go a bit wild with the design, then Coffin Nails are perfect for you. For a shorter manicure, you can opt for acrylic nails. 

Instagram: @nailpeaksalon

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