10 Awesome DIY Hack Ideas to Repurpose Your Old Vintage Scarves

Are you a scarf-fanatic like me? Cannot control your impulses to purchase when you come across a cute and pretty one in a shop?

Then you must have a pretty good collection of scarves stored away in your wardrobe. And a good part of that collection must be collecting dust because either they are a bit too old or they are just not your type anymore. But just throwing them away feels wasteful, isn't it? Getting over the deep emotional attachment is too hard.

Here's a great idea for you. Upcycle them. Take out all of your old, vintage scarves which are still in decent condition and use them to make something completely new and different. We have put our creative hat on to come up with some interesting life hacks to help spark inspiration in your mind.

  1. Make a Scarf Bag: Use your spare  scarf for an ingenious DIY handbag which will be both functional and pretty. You will be able to easily take this handbag with you to your summer outing carrying all of your travel needs. And how to make a Scarf Bag in a simple manner? Actually there's a lot of DIY hacks for that. And I am sharing the hack that works for me the best.

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Take a long scarf and fold it neatly in half. Tie knots at the ends.

Carefully sew the sides till halfway and you will have your strong, sturdy and fashionable scarf bag ready to use.

  1. Decorate your Purse: Add a bit of flair to your outfit by decorating your purse with a shiny, soft scarf. Use a small one for this purpose or cut a part from a long scarf. Tie it around your purse in a neat bow to give it a fun and eye-catching look.


  1. Make a Cute Skirt: Use a scarf hack to make a cute skirt or add some extra charm to your already existing ones. You can take a mid-length scarf and wrap it around your waist over a skirt in the style of saree pleats. This unique way of wrapping the scarf will give your skirt a trendy look. Or you can take a big, wide scarf and sew it like a long, frilly skirt. If you find the newly made skirt a bit too transparent, then just wear slacks underneath it and you are good to go!

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  1. Make a Scarf Vest: There are so many interesting DIY hacks to turn your spare scarves into stylish vests, tops, shirts or shrugs with very little to no effort. You want to figure out what's the easiest way? Just take a long scarf and hang it around your neck and shoulder. Secure it with a fashionable belt around your waist and you have an awesome outfit for your summer party! 

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  1. Make DIY Necklace and Bracelets: Turn your colorful, pretty scarves into cute and trendy accessories with some easy DIY tricks. Making necklace or bracelets out of scarves mainly follows the same pattern. Take thin strands of different scarves which will blend well together. Then wrap the thin strands around each other in a tight ponytail style. Leave room to attach a clasp at the end or just tie the loose ends of scarves   around your neck or wrist. You can upgrade your accessories even more by adding decorations like beads or brooches. Don't underestimate these DIY crafts because they will easily give you a classy and elegant look in a very inexpensive way.

  1. Tie Around Your Hat: Summer days are all about random beach trips wearing flip flops and big sun hats. So why not make your sun hat look a bit more fashionable? Tie a scarf around your hat and see how it makes a difference in your appearance. It will be a nice fashion accessory to help you stand out from the crowd.

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  1. Use As A Hair Accessory: Use the small scarves as hair accessory to tie up your hair in a stylish bun or ponytail.

  1. Use As Gift Wrap: Don't waste anymore paper gift wraps for your gifts. Instead wrap them in a nice scarf. It has two benefits. Scarf-wrapped gifts feel more cozy and special to the receivers and you are also able to save precious papers. So no matter what your gift is, be it wine bottles or a casserole or anything else, wrap them in a nice scarf and give it to your loved ones without any worry. They will surely adore them. 

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  1. Use As Wall Art: Don't let your intricately woven scarves go to waste and use their bright colors and designs as a nice wall decor instead. Choose the ones with the most impressive artwork, frame them and put them on display in your living room or bedroom. Your dull looking wall will look so much more lively with such a simple addition. It will be a nice idea to swipe the scarves out according to the season's vibe, like bright tones for summer and spring and earthy tones for winter. Or you can use the scarves in the form of funky banners while holding weekend parties.

  1. Use As Tablecloth: Use your vintage soft cotton scarves as tablecloths especially when you want to spruce up things to welcome guests. Your gorgeous looking tablecloth will naturally influence the ambience around the dinner table positively.

Now that you know you can use your scarves in so many different and creative ways, do you have an even bigger craving for purchasing them? Then you might want to check out this Long Silk Scarf from JLV which is soft, shiny, and very fashionable. It can be a great companion for your next outing.

Indian Artisan Hand Painted Shawl

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