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Shiva Eye Shell and Citrine Macrame Handmade Adjustable Bracelet Reiki jewelery,Wedding jewelery, festival, Psytrance , Chakras,Healing

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A stylish, exquisite and understated bracelet that will enhance your look no matter the setting in which you find yourself. These bracelets are entirely handcrafted by Artisans and created with an authentic tribal design in mind; they have waxed cords on the outside, beads made of white brass, and healing gemstone and shell in the center. This festive, healing jewelry boasts gorgeous Shiva Eye Shell and citrine stones.


These bracelets have an adjustable closure so they can fit any wrist.


You will get the best quality bracelets for a very reasonable price. They don't change color or shape even after rigorous and regular use.


Healing properties of the gemstone:




The Eye of Shiva also has a strong representation in Hinduism. It is the third eye in the middle of the forehead of the Hindu God Shiva. Representing wisdom it is thought to have the ability to look beyond the obvious. It symbolizes the creation, preservation, and destruction of everything, the flow of life, the constant change of the universe, spiritual knowledge, and creative visualization.




Citrine Absorbs Negativity. Citrine's energy and color are the reasons that this stone is associated with the sun. The stone drives out darkness and night fears and helps to protect against negative people. It also is good for prosperity. Intuition can be increased with this stone and it can help you to discern your inner voice from free-floating anxiety. Because of this, the gem holds energy for very long periods of time and doesn't need to be recharged often.



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