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Shark bone Unisex Waterproof Quality Adjustable Necklace

Handmade item Materials: waxed cord, shark spinal bone
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An exquisite and whimsical unisex adjustable protective tribal necklace to enhance your beauty remarkably well. This gorgeous necklace will be the perfect addition to enrich your collection. It will also work well as a lucky charm.


Genuine shark bone, high-quality black waxed cord, and solid brass or silver white brass beads compose this unisex necklace. This necklace is so well-made that it is practically unbreakable, is waterproof, can be adjusted to fit any size, and retains its original color even after being worn constantly for an extended period of time. And the high-quality materials also ensure that the product is biodegradable.


Please note that no sharks were harmed to acquire the mentioned shark bones. These bones were gifted to the artist from a friend who found them accidentally on the beach. These simple but stunning necklaces were produced after the bones were cleaned and decontaminated. 


Indeed, it is mentioned that "shark bones," are used here, but in contrast to other fish, sharks do not possess skeletal structures. Sharks breathe by drawing oxygen from the water through their gills. Elasmobranchs are a subset of fish that are characterized by the presence of cartilaginous tissues, such as those found in the ear canal and nasal tip. Skates, rays, and sawfish are also included here.





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