Healing and Cleanser Purple Salt Kit. Free Shipping to USA if you buy 35 UP.

Handmade Materials: esencial oils, sal de MARAS, Himalayan salt, sea salt
Creator: Shaman Luna
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The purple color was used only for rich people and loyalty (realeza)do the difficulty to get the color from an specific molusco.


It is a mi of red and blue., the influence of this color is directly related ( relacionado) with our emotions.and spirituality.


Purple is the 6 chakra ., intuitive,extra perception,wisdom.

Purple salt is used for magic ( white) BONDAD

To be used to get the best from people.


Used in your wallet , purse, car, or just in your office.


Cleans the third eye chakra (water salt)



You can try it and you will feel the amazing experience.


The listing is for a bag of magical purple salt, two amulets ,one of each is made in steel,bracelet and stone .


* As all of these products are handmade , expect minimal variations between models . ** Shipped through USPS First Class Mail. *** Orders take up to 2 days to proceed , after which they take between 2-5 days to be delivered . So , please , order in advance. **** If you are interest in wholesale please contact us . Si esta interesado en comprar al por mayor por favor contactenos .

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