Healing and Cleanser Green Salt Kit. Free Shipping to USA if you buy 35 UP.

Handmade Materials: amulets, salt
Creator: Shaman Luna
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Work and Money

Mix of three different salts


Blessed with lady fortune ritual


Natural ingredients,cinnamon,clavo olor, humo de hierbas ,and natural color dive


It comes with the ritual of prosperity and dates for this year.


The listing includes a bag of green salt, bracelet ,2 lucky amulets and a stone.


The fourth Chakra is the heart Chakra and is located over the sternum. It is associated with emotions such as love, hope and compassion. It is represented by the air element and by the color green.

The Sanskrit name for the fourth chakra is Anahata, which translates into ‘sound that is made without any two things striking’ and can also be interpreted as ‘unstruck’, ‘unhurt’, ‘unbeaten’, ‘fresh’ and ‘clean’.

The heart chakra is the central point of our chakra system. Here, we enter our spiritual centre, our core where forces from above and below, within and without unite. This is our love centre which, when free from old hurts, is opened, innocent and brings a radiant sense of wholeness that can be felt in the whole organism. It is within this sense of wholeness that lies the seeds of our inner peace.

The love experienced at this level is very different from the more sexual and passionate love found at the sacral chakra level. At the heart chakra, love comes from within and is experienced as a state of being rather than being passionate and oriented towards a particular person or object.



As the chakras spin, they attract to their core energy that is on the same vibrational frequency, all while taking energy at its core and sending it back to the frequency level. In other words, by its spinning motion, the chakra will draw any type of energy on its level, integrate it and spin it back out again.

Like attracts like. Whatever type of frequency a chakra is on, it will attract, spin it out and attract more of. This is how energetic patterns are created and repeated over and over again. It’s exactly this never-ending attracting and repelling of the same energetic pattern that brings a chakra to be blocked.


* As all of these products are handmade , expect minimal variations between models . ** Shipped through USPS First Class Mail. *** Orders take up to 2 days to proceed , after which they take between 2-5 days to be delivered . So , please , order in advance. **** If you are interest in wholesale please contact us . Si esta interesado en comprar al por mayor por favor contactenos .

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